Interview with Denice Chenault

Denice Chenault first fell in love with Network Marketing when she was a facilitator for Global Relationship Centers in her late 20’s. She taught personal development courses all over the U.S. and in Isreal. But it wasn’t until she and her husband Tom were married in 1999 that she realized that to be successful in Network Marketing would require “going back to school.” Together they decided to do a deep dive into learning the skills of a professional Network Marketer.

That was when Denice saw how important personal development was to the growth and success of a leader. She was able to unite her early training in personal development together with Network Marketing to coach and inspire their team.

Twenty years later Denice and Tom have reached the top rank in their company and have leaders all over the world. Denice has spoken on stage at “The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing” for five years, has been featured in numerous industry books and publications and has contributed articles to the Networking Times and Direct Sales Diva. Tom is a founding board member of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals and has the longest running radio show that highlights influencers in the profession. She and Tom were also inducted into Network Marketing Pro Million Dollar Hall of Fame in 2018.
What Denice loves most about the profession is how people, and especially women, are able to transform and grow into leaders who thrilled to celebrate not just their own success but most especially their teammate’s success. And that ripple effect creates positive change in the world.



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