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Where Every Woman Finds Her EXCELLENCE
and Fulfills her God-Given Purpose

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The SheNetwork is a heart-centered community that gives 10% of proceeds to non-profit organizations that focus on Women, with education and support for building businesses. After all, none of us would be here with-out the SHE!!

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I'm Taylor,

I am here to see every woman in The SheNetwork succeed – and, beyond that, to see them thrive and share their growth, freedom, passion and blessing to the women around them. My message is one of HOPE and of LOVE and of EMPOWERMENT.

The SheNetwork is 100% about giving all women the safe, encouraging, edifying, uplifting platform to share their stories. Through these stories they share their passions, fears, hopes and dreams and in turn light a path for the women walking behind her. Their story becomes a ray of hope and an inspiration of belief, that we all have an Excellence inside of us waiting to surface. This community becomes a place to get inspired and unstuck in an environment that is safe and conducive to achieving their goals.

I’m so glad you are on this journey with us and I can’t wait to see how you grow, thrive, and bloom where you are planted. My intention is for women to all come together to uplift and cheer each other towards success.


We are about the

and the contributions they make to every aspect of our lives. Our generation is so busy trying to prove that WOMEN can do everything MEN can do, WOMEN are losing the unique qualities that set us apart.
Our nature is to nurture, and through this we lose ourselves as mothers and wives, depriving the world but especially ourselves of the gifts, talents, and passions that are within. This community was purposely designed for YOU to discover YOUR gifts, YOUR talents, YOUR EXCELLENCE and how YOU can make an impact by sharing it with the world.

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Our Mission is to
ELEVATE the Lives of Women
one woman at a time through this community of like-minded women. Through our stories, of overcoming obstacles & adversity, business building training, mentoring and philanthropy we will EDIFY, ENCOURAGE and therefore, EMPOWER women globally.
What We do at the
Through our founder and our members, The SheNetwork strives to be the #1 resource for women entrepreneurs where we all come together to propel each other through our journeys, relying on the wealth of knowledge and unique experiences we each bring to the table.

Quality one-on-one training that is laser-focused on you and your goals


Team Coaching

Enjoy the benefit & support of learning alongside a team of women who are going through the same process as you


Join SheNetwork Today

The SheNetwork is a heart-centered community that gives 10% of proceeds to non-profit organizations that focus on Women, with education and support for building businesses. After all, none of us would be here with-out the SHE!!

What Other Women Are Saying

“I am so grateful Taylor listened to her heart and created the SheNetwork. She could have easily said someone will do something like this. Instead she took her decades of wisdom, skill and knowledge and created a place where any woman can feel comfortable in their own skin and be part of a community that cultivates someone to serve on a higher level than they could ever imagine. Thank you Taylor!”

Sarah Zolecki

“Taylor Thompson is not only one of the most caring people I know on a personal level, but she’s also a business genius/badass! Her and her husband have been able to duplicate large levels of success at company after company, and she and her husband Larry are the reason that Ray and I are so adamant about culture within a company. In fact, they taught us most of what we know around culture in an organization. She is absolutely brilliant and you should be a part of the She Network!”

Jessica Higdon

“The SheNetwork represents everything wonderful about this profession for women. The collaboration, the education, the celebration of women, for women by women. It’s unparalleled. I applaud Taylor Thompson and her vision, her compassion and authentic love. I’m so grateful she has created this community. I highly recommend that every woman joins the SheNetwork. I’m a fan for life.

Donna Valdes

“Taylor Thompson’s The SheNetwork is such an incredible community for women! This is the place for all female entrepreneurs to come and fill their cup. We come in, we get trained by incredible industry leaders PLUS get non stop support from the amazing Taylor Thomson! It’s the place to be!!!”

Dana McGrady

“Leadership can be a lonely road as a Femme Boss. It’s so important to have the right connections! Taylor is definitely a person you need to know. She’s not only authentically beautiful. She actually cares about your success.

Thanks Taylor I love you for creating a safe place for women to connect, share and grow in an authentic way.

Nicola Smith Jackson

“MySheNetwork is an incredible opportunity to connect with an amazingly supportive community of women who get YOU because they are you! If you have ever felt lonely as a woman entrepreneur, then that is at an end. Taylor has created a one of a kind culture where you can connect, learn and be supported. You will be so blessed by the MySheNetwork! It is a life changing opportunity!”

Kim Garst

“The SheNetwork is literally the most amazing tribe of supporting an uplifting entrepreneurs! The women that are part of this community only speak goodness and belief into you and I have learned so much from the valuable speakers that Taylor Thompson brings on! This is truly a one-of-a-kind unique culture to be found on line and I feel blessed that I am a part of this amazing community of women.”

Michelle Cunningham

“Taylor Thompson is the real deal! She has heart, vision, and an insatiable desire to make a difference in the world. She has a special heart for women and celebrating their victories large and small. If you’re lucky enough to work with her, don’t miss the opportunity. It will change your life.”

Margie Aliprandi

“The She Network is a community where every woman feels welcome.

Taylor has created an online space for women to really learn from one another in business and from personal experiences.

The empowerment the women share with one another is unlike anywhere you’ll find. I’ve never been part of a group like it.

I’ve learned business tips and I’ve been connected to some ladies just sharing their personal experiences.

Taylor is one of the most kind loving souls so it’s really no surprise that this community she built is available.

Thank you Taylor for letting us all share our excellence with one another.”

Karyn Medeiros

Alice and Kera are the co-founders and CEOs of On the Edge Events. As event coordinators and strategists, they help people think outside of the cookie-cutter formula and create an exceptional experience. Their goal is to help those that are making a difference in others lives connect with their audience through live events and retreats. When they met Taylor, they knew that she was creating something special with the SheNetwork, and are honored to be part of this amazing group of women!

Alice Edgerton and Kera Wasserbach