Our Commitment to
Women’s Empowerment

How The Philanthropy Was Founded

I was always hoping to partner with various movements that would support Women and Moms. I was looking for Organizations with the infastructure in place that The She Network could partner and support through part of the proceeds from the membership platform.

When Margie Aliprandi shared how Women United for Change is empowering women in so many different ways through Project Concern International (PCI), I knew I’d found a match. I was amazed that just $50 provides a woman with a rigorous 18-month Women Empowered (WE) training program and sets her up with the mindset, tools and support system she needs to start a business in her local village. When I saw PCI in action during our adventure in Tanzania in January 2020, I realized that this is not a charity – it’s a movement. I was completely sold. To learn that domestic violence was reduced in communities when women become financial contributors to the household through Women Empowered was so impactful. During our visit, I asked each woman, “Are you teaching your children what you’ve learned?” In each case, the answer was a resounding, “Yes!” In those moments I understood that together with PCI and Women United for Change, these women are creating a legacy for future generations. I’m so proud to be a part of that and as a Member of the She Network you can be too!

The Need

Over the past two decades, more progress has been made in ending global poverty than in the past 500 years combined. Even with these tremendous strides, women and girls consistently face barriers to formal employment, asset ownership, education, and access to health and financial services, which increases their vulnerability to gender-based violence and exploitation.

The Opportunity

PCI’s approach recognizes that women and girls are powerful agents of change and are essential contributors to the social and economic well-being of their communities. When women have more resources and control over spending, they are more likely than men to utilize these resources for their children and families, including paying for education, medicine, and more nutritious foods.

Investing in training and development of women generates a larger “return on investment” in terms of family and community development, as healthier and educated children will grow up contributing more to the economy and their families in a reinforcing cycle of positive change.

The Solution

Women Empowered (WE) is PCI’s global initiative dedicated to promoting the economic and social empowerment of women. Over an 18-month period, WE members form savings groups consisting of 15-25 members to save money, develop financial literacy, make loans to one another, and invest in income-generating activities. In addition to increasing women’s access to financial services, WE groups focus on building life skills and employment capacities; boosting self-esteem and self-efficacy; increasing access to information and resources; and promoting collective action and community organizing.
Provide women with the skills, resources and training to form or grow their small businesses.
Give women a secure place to save and borrow money.
Offer women leadership opportunities.
Create powerful social ties to build more resilient communities.
Expand life choices and opportunities for women and their children.
Empower women with the confidence and skills to make financial decisions and investments.

The Impact

To date, more than 120,000 WE groups have formed with more than
1. 0
members across the globe.
In India, PCI is on
track to reach more than
and impact approximately 60 million family members by 2019.
$6. 0
The amount collectively that WE groups have saved of their own money, of which over $6 million has been loaned to members and reinvested in their families and businesses.
Additionally, PCI has partnered with Gap, Inc. to integrate their life skills curriculum known as P.A.C.E. (Personal Advancement, Career Enhancement) within the existing WE methodology.
Members of WE groups have experienced a 16% reduction in poverty, a 15% increase in their ability to feed their families, and a 17% increase in making household decisions.
PCI formed a partnership with DreamStart Laps to design and test a new smartphone app for saving groups. DreamSave helps women in savings groups to manage financial records, achieve savings goals, build credit history, and connect securely to a range of financial services previously unavailable to them.


Before, I was a wife who cowered before her husband and brought no income to the family. Now I am a community leader, an income earner and equal partner in my marriage. WE has helped me find my voice, my power, my community.”
WE member in Guatemala
Our children were sick all of the time because of the poor environment they were living and playing in. Since we decided to improve the sanitation of our village, children are sick less often and the rate of (school) absenteeism has decreased. We are very grateful for the WE model, as it has given us the guidance and belief we needed to make strides to improve our lives.”
WE member & community facilitator in Tanzania
Before the WE group, I could not get a loan, as the loaner wanted me to pay back double the money as interest. With our WE group, I was able to get a small loan with low interest and buy ‘kocho’ and banana leaves for resale in the market. I earned enough money from the sale of ‘kocho’ to repay the loan and build our family a new house. At first my husband was not supportive of the group, but after I built a new house for our family, he became very enthusiastic and now even invests money into my business.”
WE member in Ethiopia