About Taylor Thompson

Do you ever feel like you were meant for something greater, but you’re just not sure how to GET there?

I know I did. Like many entrepreneurs, my journey has been far from easy. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always felt that I had to fight to be seen, be accepted, and feel worthy. Even as a little girl, I was faced with a less than perfect situation. After countless moves, ever-changing family dynamics, and repeated bullying in school, I oftentimes felt totally alone. More than anything, I wanted to belong. How did my search for belonging and acceptance manifest? Through hard work and pursuit of being the absolute best. My personal mantra circled in my head, “If I could just get one more accolade maybe then I’ll be worthy.” I poured myself into athletics, receiving awards, recognition, and eventually an invitation to play college basketball. I was faced with a hard decision. Should I follow my dream to play college sports and finally find my place of belonging or should I do the responsible thing and work to put a roof over my head?


I’m working three jobs and studying as a full-time college student. Even though I was more hardworking and busier than ever, one thing didn’t change - I still was searching to be valued and seen. When I met my first husband, I couldn’t believe it - “the big man on campus” actually noticed me! But when he proposed, I was filled with self-doubt. Who was I to want something more for myself? Who was I to deserve more that what looked good on paper? So, when I accepted his proposal, it wasn’t because I wanted to say yes, it was because I was afraid to say no. However, I soon found out that my fear of not being accepted was not enough to build a life on. The marriage became controlling and abusive, and I was forced to make another hard decision - to uproot my entire life and go out on my own, again. But shortly after our separation, I was faced with some life-changing news - I was pregnant. Though I was excited (and a little bit overwhelmed) of the thought of being a new mom, nothing could ever prepare me for the devastating news that would soon follow. I lost my baby! I was shocked, devastated and the pain was so deep I thought I’d never recover.


After losing my first child, I knew that I NEVER wanted to compromise family again. I went on to have 3 beautiful girls, a loving marriage and felt compelled to stay-at-home to raise them my girls. I wanted to cherish my time with them and this is the moment everything changed.

I joined a Network Marketing company and started my home-based business. In the first month, I tripled my projected sales and started making a name for myself. I developed a multiple 6-figure business and was able to support my girls and I. Everything seemed perfect.

But behind the smile, there was a huge internal battle between the person I was meant to be, and the person others felt comfortable with me being. 


Why couldn’t I be a kick-ass mom, partner, AND businesswoman? Why couldn’t I create a business life that worked for me and my personal life? Why did I have to draw a line in the sand between who the person I shared with the world and who I really was? 


On the anniversary of losing my first child, I was struck with an overwhelming feeling that I wanted to share my story. I took a risk and posted a raw, real, and vulnerable post on my Social Media for my entire tribe to see. I could not believe the response!

I couldn’t believe the amount of support, solidarity, and love that was overflowing from a single Facebook post! Women of all different walks of life stood by me with empathy, unity, and compassion. I was even surprised by how many women identified with a similar story of their own. 


I realized that there are women craving intimacy, support, and relationship with other women. And they are looking for a community to encourage and empower them! 

The SHE Network was born. 

“Sharing Her Excellence” Network or SHE Network was created for women, by women, to share the good, the bad, and the ugly as we move through life together and it’s a project I’m absolutely obsessed with and I can’t wait for you to check it out.


Today, I’m living the life I’ve always dreamed of! As the CEO and founder of the SHE Network you can find me hanging with my three beautiful daughters, conquering the world with my Prince Charming Husband, who’s also my business partner, or empowering women around the globe to be fearless, stop doubting themselves, and start fulfilling their God-given purposes. 

I’m a firm believer that women are powerful and together we’re unstoppable! 

I can’t wait to hear how you want to change the world. 

With love, 


Taylor is able to accomplish this while working from home as she enjoys being a Mother of three beautiful daughters.


Everything I do is centered on love. I do what I do because I love what I do - I love my family, and the women around me. I want to share that. I want to see other women thriving, growing, and uplifting one another while they also find their personal success and purpose.